Finding the weaknesses

It seems tennis players are getting better every year. These great athletes have many strengths and few weaknesses. An astute player will look for any tiny advantage; a ball or location that a player doesn’t seem to like, a pace or depth that creates a short ball, a width or height that takes a player out of a good hitting zone.
As a player progresses, spins offer another option. Certain spins like topspin, heavy topspin, slice, flat, and sidespin, offer advantages against different grips. An advanced player can use all of these in combination with placements and heights to disrupt a player’s rhythm. Taller players or those with heavy western grips often struggle to deal with low slices. Shorter players or those with more extreme eastern grips may struggle with heavier topspin balls. A competitor playing deep in the court may be vulnerable to a short slice and an on the rise hitter might have trouble with deep heavy balls.

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