Post-Match Routines

Depending on your level, post-match routines vary tremendously. This article will detail some of the things professional players do, in order to educate those players still trying to achieve elite status in the game. Assuming a player has won a match and will play again the next day, here is the training regimen of many pro players.
Immediately begin re-hydrating the body. Players generally weigh themselves before a match and then immediately after a match, to determine how much weight has been lost as a result of fluid loss. They will then consume enough water and electrolyte solution to restore their fluid levels to normal.
As players are re-hydrating, they will review their match with their coach. Strategic discussions include what was effective, not effective, and what adjustments one made or might make in the same situation.
Eat within 30 minutes of completing the match to restore glycogen levels. Players like to have pasta and or rice and some form of protein, chicken, fish, turkey, pork or beef.
Stretch and massage. This comes after the player is done on the court for the day. Often players will want to spend 20-30 minutes doing a light hit to tune-up some of the things they might need for the next day, or that broke down during their previous match.

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